Hey All! 

Greetings from a parking lot somewhere in Midland, Texas! I’m finally finished coughing and back on the road, headed to Chandler, AZ!

I wanted to thank everyone who sent get well wishes, and everyone who was affected by the few cancellations resulting from that awful flu. Everyone who knows me knows I don’t cancel shows lightly and I felt terrible to have to do so. I ended up coughing all day, everyday for two solid weeks! For me, that’s unprecedented. I’m glad it’s over and I can sing again! 

So I’m on the bus and looking forward to a sold out crowd in Chandler. A great way to get back in the saddle. I have about a three week run of shows and then we hit our mid May break. My daughter has her 16th birthday and gets her drivers license! So, who will we drive around now!? Lots of you know how weird this will be. I’ve always known time flies, hence all the songs about time, but nothing illustrates that better than a child. We’re not ready!

On a musical note; I’ve been asked a lot about new music. If you haven’t heard, the latest CD is On Purpose, which includes a new duet with Lisa, “You Still Get to Me”. I am starting to think about what’s next though. I have some new songs written and will be writing more over the few breaks from the tour. I don’t imagine I’ll be able to get anything recorded and released in the remaining months of this year, but my manager and I have talked about releasing a single song in the interim. That may be doable even within the touring schedule. 

But for now, I’m revisiting lyrics and guitar licks, just getting ready for Chandler! If you’re coming to one of the shows in the next few months, let me know what songs you’d most like to hear from the new CD. The band and I are going to work some up and you could have something to say about which ones we zero in on. Right now we’re doing “Beer”, “Stay Gone” and “Better and Worse”. 

We’re getting ready to announce some more tour dates next week, so stay tuned for that!

That’s all I can think of for now. Thanks again for all the support during my flu battle. It really helped to know you were all so forgiving for the cancellations. 

Many thanks,

Clint Black